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This was originally a devotional prayer, but it fit itself nicely to a melody and thus became a song. It was written for Sekhmet, lion-headed goddess of Egypt, Lady of Destruction, and Lady of Intoxications. Sekhmet’s main myth was the Destruction of Mankind, in which Her raging temper was only calmed by blood-colored beer. (It’s worth noting that, despite my writing this song, I don’t drink alcohol. Take this as mythos/metaphor.)


lady, o my lady,
cut into my skin with your
blood-stained nails and
hold me still by the nape:
pour your wine
down my open throat.

intoxicate me.
mull the anger in my breast
to a softer edge, and
take the flames down to a
gentler heat,
from ice-burned blue
of the swordwoman's eye to the red of
flesh bared to firelight and hot to the touch.

bloodlusty lady,
drip sedation past my lips
until it coats my core in
smooth layers of drowsy peace,
until the tension bleeds
from my muscles in
sun-orange mucus,
until my limbs are lax and still.

press into me
the warmth of your liquor
until it melts away the
stiffness of the hardened wax
that has frozen
in grimacing caper all my spirit pale.
some parts that seized up must move,
and some parts that flail must calm.

lady of intoxications,
i lay myself at your feet
and submit to your
hot, pungent


from DUA, released May 1, 2012
Ty Barbary: vocals, lyrics.


all rights reserved



Catfolk Mc Kinney, Texas

Catfolk is Ty Barbary, Ekunyi Faol, and Jerynn Barbary. With heavy influences from SJ Tucker, Heather Alexander, Alexander James Adams, and other stunning pagan and filk artists, we create magical, spiritual, and/or terrifically geeky music together and alone. ... more

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